Koru Camp

Rhino Revolution strategically makes use of Koru Camp to address various challenges in its educational mission.

Koru Camp is a non-profit camp nestled in the Greater Kruger area. Their mission is to connect local, disadvantaged communities with their natural heritage and help establish a love for the environment.

Situated within a 'Big 5 Reserve,' our programme accommodates 12 children and a teacher.

This intentional decision is driven by our emphasis of ensuring high-quality and closely-knit care for the children. Maintaining a smaller group size allows us to better attend to the individual needs and well-being of each child in our care.

It is supervised by Rhino Revolution (RR) staff and features tents for accommodation, a central area for lessons and meals, healthy catering, and basic bathroom facilities.

An electric fence surrounding the property ensures security.

Koru Camp stands out as a flagship project for sustainable educational initiatives.

Children have the opportunity to go on Safari game drives up to twice a day, gaining insights into conservation and biodiversity.

Additionally, during the midday heat, the children receive lessons from Rhino Revolution in the open aired, “Eco Classroom”.

All meals are provided by RR during the children’s camp to ensure they are well fed. For many, this is the first time, some children will have 3 meals a day.


Education on Biodiversity and Environmental Conservation

Koru Camp provides kids with a unique chance to learn about environmental and nature topics right in the midst of the wilderness.

Our dedicated staff not only imparts knowledge but also nurtures essential skills such as reading and writing in English, along with teamwork.

The lessons at the heart of the camp offer the children an inspiring and immersive learning experience.

Incentives for Academic Achievements

We incentivise and inspire our learners that form part of Rhino Revolution's educational initiative through special outings to acknowledge their academic accomplishments. These incentives are granted for excellent reading performances, excelling in competitions, outstanding grades, aiming to further motivate all learners in the class and demonstrate that dedication, learning, and hard work are rewarded in life.

However, the camping trip is something truly extraordinary for the children.

For about 80% of the learners, it will be the first time experiencing the fascinating wildlife of Africa. Our educational initiative provides these children with a rare chance to acquire valuable skills and experiences they wouldn't otherwise have.

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Gateway to Conservation Careers

In the region bordering the Kruger National Park, numerous job opportunities unfold in the realms of conservation and tourism within the lodges.

Children encounter early exposure to conservation, acquiring essential building blocks of knowledge. These early experiences lay crucial foundations for future careers & cherished jobs, providing interested children with the chance to set their course toward meaningful professional paths.

Access to the Fascinating

Wildlife of Africa

We provide game drives on Safari which provides kids with the thrilling opportunity to explore the world of animals together with a local guide who speaks their mother tongue, Tsonga and English.

In doing so, they learn not only about the captivating animals but also about the diverse plant life and the delicate ecosystem.

At the same time, they have the chance to make unique animal observations and gather unforgettable memories in nature.


Koru Camp Funding Proposal

Within our donation PDF, you'll discover comprehensive details regarding Koru Camp 2025, featuring insightful background information and a meticulous breakdown of expenses. Simply click on the image or button below to initiate the complete download of the PDF document.

Koru Camp